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In today's tight and competitive labor market, finding qualified candidates is critical to the success of your business. An important step in that process is the employment screening process. A thorough background check and a drug test ensures you and your employees are adding the best to your workforce, while maintaining safety and reducing your liability.


PCS has partnered with Impact Employee Solutions, IES, to provide your business thorough and accurate employment screening solutions as part of your human capital management process. A leading national solutions provider, the experts at IES provides FCRA compliant reports, knowledgeable consultation on State drug testing laws, guidance in transportation regulations, healthcare, staffing, non-profits, retail, franchises, and more!











*7 Years Search, Court Access Fees May Apply


National Criminal Search with Alias

Searches all available counties, national sexual offender registry, social security address trace, alias name search, abuse registries, OFAC, OIG/GSA, and many more.


National Federal Criminal Search

Federal criminal can identify otherwise unknown records such as interstate drug or arms trafficking, identity theft, mail fraud kidnapping or crimes that occur on federal property.


Statewide Criminal search

Single Statewide Criminal searches include criminal history information from conglomerate county criminal searches or comprehensive state facilitated repositories where available. Not available in all states.


County Criminal Search

A county search will typically disclose the jurisdiction, type of offense, offense description, case number and case disposition. All county-level criminal searches are for seven years and FCRA compliant. Additional state access fees may apply.

$ 8

Motor Vehicle Report

Pulled directly from State motor vehicle databases, each report contains the dates and descriptions of any violations, suspensions, and/or revocations. Additional state fees apply.


Verification Report

Verifies a variety of sources for Employment history and position, Education attendance dates and degrees, personal and professional character and reputation reports


Commercial Driver's License

This search access the nationwide computer system that enables state driver licensing agencies (SDLAs) to ensure that each commercial driver has only one driver’s license and one complete driver record, out-of-state convictions and withdrawals, and transferring of records between States.


Civil Litigation Search

A civil record is a non-criminal dispute between two parties and can involve contract disputes, money, property, etc. Additional county fees may apply. Results vary, but may take 5-7 business days.


5 Panel Urine Drug Screen

Lab-based urine screen includes medical review officer services. (AMP, COC, PCP, OPI, THC)


10 Panel Urine Drug Screen

Lab-based urine screen includes medical review officer services. (AMP, COC, PCP, OPI, THC, BAR, BZP, MQU, MTD, PPX)

$ 49

DOT 5 Panel Urine Drug Screen

Lab-based urine drug screen includes medical review officer services. Follows regulatory guidelines as required under 49 CFR Part 40, Department of Transportation


6 Panel Instant Drug Screen

Instant forensic drug screen. All presumptive positives sent to the lab for further testing and medical review officer services. Additional MRO fees apply. (AMP, COC, MET, OPI, PCP, THC)

Custom services, programs and products are available, as well as various additional services and checks. Please fill out the contact form below, or call us at 866-896-0603 to speak with a specialist on your specific requirements or needs. Most Federal and County courthouses, and various agencies charge access fees for information. These fees are passed through in addition to the search fees.

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Credentialing and Verification Requirement:  As a regulated consumer reporting agency compliance requirement, an industry practice and the protection and security of our partners, all potential clients, their applicants and employees’ personal data, IES will perform a physical onsite inspection of each of the client’s business premises and perform other such due diligence to credential the business client before providing consumer information. A list of acceptable proofs will be provided to the potential client. We may contract an Investigator from Comply Track to perform an onsite inspection to confirm business facility exterior and interior appearance meet common business norms for this type of business, but will always contract a Comply Track Investigator to conduct an onsite inspection if the client wishes to obtain consumer information e.g., credit reports, and our vendor requires onsite inspections. The onsite inspection must be scheduled at least 5 business days in advance of business account set-up.

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